Saturday, February 25, 2012

Still need help with S.B. 84

Senate Bill 84 has been approved by the senate, it now moves onto the house. If S.B 84 is passed by the house it will amend the current water ski laws to allow (not recommended by the club) people to ski a marked slalom course areas on public water with a non coast guard approved vest, without an observer, and no skier down flag will be required. The house transportation committee has new been assigned S.B 84, if you support the bill please e-mail the house transportation committee members below and your house representative BY MONDAY THE 27th if possible stating your support of the bill. Below you will find a simple e-mail you can copy/past and send or better yet make a version of your own in support of the bill. One way to think of a marked slalom course area is like a closed course race track where different rules apply and in the case of a slalom course only one boat is used at a time.
UWSC Board
HOUSE TRANSPORTATION COMMITTEE - copy the below e-mails and paste into your To or Cc area. Link to find your individual representative for the To or Cc area.
Rep. Bradley M. Daw, Chair
Rep. Johnny Anderson, Vice Chair
Rep. Stewart Barlow
Rep. Janice M. Fisher
Rep. Stephen G. Handy
Rep. Wayne A. Harper
Rep. Lynn N. Hemingway
Rep. Todd E. Kiser
Rep. Bradley G. Last
Rep. Carol Spackman Moss
Rep. Jim Nielson
Rep. Jeremy A. Peterson
Rep. Val L. Peterson
Rep. Kenneth W. Sumsion
Leif G. Elder, Policy Analyst

Dear Legislator,
I am writing to support S.B. 84. I feel the proposed amendments to the state boating laws with enhance the the sport of water skiing in the state while aiding competition skiing practice and providing opportunities to use the latest equipment designed for safety and better performance while participating in the sport of water skiing.
Thank you for voting yes and passing S.B. 84.

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