Sunday, February 12, 2012

Custom Covers

Hi Everyone,
I just wanted to give all the members an update on one of our sponsors, Custom Covers.  For those of you who didn't attend the club meeting last Thursday at the Boat Show, I posted a recap of what happened at the meeting.  So I don't want to repeat myself in this email.  In a nutshell, Randy Park of Parks Sportsman came and presented at our meeting Thursday.  He told us about Parks Sportsman and how he wants to be a major player and provider of watersports equipment the club members.  He had a lot of great ideas and plans.  He was also very fun and entertaining.  Go to the website and read up on all he had to say and offer. 
Also at our meeting was Justin Jones, owner of Custom Covers in Salt Lake.  He's not a member of the club but he attended our meeting when he saw the notice on Facebook.  Yesterday, Saturday, I was back up at the boat show.  Justin saw me and called me over to talk.  He told me that Randy Park at our meeting really motivated him and he wants to "step up to the plate" like Randy did.  So he is changing the club's discount that he has been offering us.  In the past, and on our membership card, Justin has offered us 5% discount on all his products and 20% discount during the off-season.  But starting now Justin will give all club members and waitlist members 25% all year round!  And during the off-season he will do even better than that.  You'll just need to talk to him.
If you are not familar with Justin, Custom Covers makes in my opinion the best bimini top in the industry.  For more info on Custom Covers go to
Those of you on the waitlist, these discounts apply to you as well.
Just thought I would let you guys know.
Garn Arnold

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