Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Board Meeting Minutes


-Wait list status? 54 total, 4 have not paid.

-Verify member's discounts with vendors. Hank will do.

-T-shirts for all members? Yes for Service project attendees.

-Should we change the three guaranteed new members each year? No, still letting in three new members each year regardless of who drops out.

-Should we make emeritus members free? Yes

-Should we raise membership fees? No



-Fix sunshade for course #1/3. Yes, Tim will take to custom covers.

-What do we need to buy for 2011?



-Current balance? $4,722

- Should we set up a 501 (c) 3 tax exemption? Only if the benefit outweighs the cost. Hank will look into.

-Should we set up a LLC? Paul will look into.


Web Site/News:

-Plan annual meeting agenda. Scot will do.

-Should we have food at the annual meeting? Yes. We have to use Utah Food services, will spend $750 max.

-Continue Junior development scholarship? Not sure, will look into next board meeting.

-Club activity at bear Hollow or Last Chance? Yes if they will let us.




-Organize 2011 board. Keith Morgan and Mark Chilcutt are stepping down. Possible additions, Paul Garske, Travis Ogden, John Lohner, ?

-Look into leasing property in Vinyard for course and into Pelican Point. Scot is looking into it.

-Finalize UWSC pamphlet. Scot is working on with Ty Hunter and the state.

-Set next board meeting date in April. 12th.

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