Monday, April 7, 2008

Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting NotesApril 7, 2008
- Who did not renew on the member/wait list?
Three or four members are not going to renew. All wait list people have or will pay.

- How many new members should we let in from the wait list?
Same as the number who drop out of the club.
- Should we give out wait list cards with discounts?
Yes, if the retailers agree. Hank will ask them.
- Should the club offer emeritus status for $50 a year?
Yes, must be a member for 20+ years and 60+ years of age.

- Still need to buy a sunshade for the new dock.
Hank will order if we have the money.
- Rebuild old dock on what date?
May 10th in conjunction with the service project date.
- Should we place information buoys on each course?
Yes, Keith will do.
- Does Mike want Kelly to help him this year as treasurer?
- Should we pay $300 to become tax exempt?
No for now.
- Should we have an automatic way for club to collect dues and wait list fees?
Yes, Kelly/Mike will check into it.
Web Site/News
- Web page updates.
Add the service project dates with no mention of refunds, add board meeting minutes to the news page, add next board meeting date to board page, add new board pictures, and add new member and wait list.
- Should we allow course #3 on Thursday the 26th and course #1 on Friday the 27th to be used as a backup location for a barefoot clinic?
- Possible RADAR demo clinic.
Hank will work on.
- Possible slalom/GOODE clinic with Nick Parsons.
Scot will work on.
- Plan annual service project/activity date.
May 10th and September 13th. Chip will organize.
- Should the club offer a service project refund?
Not this year due to lack of funds.
- Set next board meeting date in August.
At the lake on August 21st at 4:00 p.m.

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