Friday, February 1, 2008

Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting NotesFebruary 1, 2008
- Insurance for the board is $511 for 1mil or $755 for 2 mil. What should we get?
No, we need to get a general liability policy. Hank is still working on it with help from Paul.

- Current discount offers to club members are?
Utah Water Sports is no longer going to offer a discount to club members. Challenger Ski School 25%, Marine Products 20%, MM Water Sports 20%, Taylor's Boats 20%, SS Marine 20%, Sugar House Tent and Awning 10%, Rental Toys call.
- Still need to buy a sunshade for the new dock.
If we have the money.
- Re-build old dock in March?
Yes. How much will is cost? Tim is working on the numbers.
- Who is going to take charge of the new dock project?
- Current balance?
- Income this year?
Around $8,000.
- The average cost to maintain the club each year is?
Around $5,000.
Web Site/News
- Web page updates.
Add reworded events page, add board meeting minutes to the news/minutes page, move old board meeting minutes to the archive page, add next board meeting date to the board page, and remove Utah Water Sports from the member page discounts.
- Who wants to be on/off next years board?
Still know one on the board wants to be president. The new president must come from the existing board. Paul, Kelly, Hank and Corey would all give up their jobs, if someone wants one of them. Matt Mudek may want on the board.
- Plan annual meeting/activity in Feb.
February 21st at 6:30 pm, in conjunction with the boat show. Kelly we plan the food and Scot will arrange the room.
- Set next board meeting date in April.
April 24th.

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