Saturday, May 13, 2006

Adopt-a-Park Service project

Annual Utah Water Ski Club Adopt-a-Park Service Project DayMay 13, 2006 - Utah Lake Marina

The club has two Adopt-A-Park service projects every year - one in May and one in September. Below is information about this year's May service project. Keep an eye on this page for the date of September's project.

Thirty-two Utah Water Ski club members and friends attended the club's annual spring service project pulling logs and other debris from the Utah Lake Marina deposited by the Provo River runoff.  Working alongside Utah State park rangers, and using the park's two flat bed trailers and a chainsaw, attendees cleaned up several tons of debris that posed a water hazard as well as making the marina's beaches pretty ugly.

As part of an agreement with the Utah Lake State Park allowing the club to install and maintain two water ski courses on the lake, the Utah Water Ski Club committed to two service projects per year.  In years past the club picked up trash around the marina's perimeter and installed and repaired several fences.  With this year's high-runoff, pulling logs out of the Provo River was a huge project.

Along with its commitment to two service projects per year, the Utah Water Ski Club is the first participant in Utah Lake's Adopt-A-Park program.  "The club has gone above and beyond in helping to keep Utah Lake and the marina clean," said Ty Hunter, Utah Lake's park manager for the last three years.  "The Adopt-A-Park program is designed to help keep the lake and facilities attractive and safe with the ultimate goal to encourage people to enjoy the benefits of the lake."  The Adopt-A-Park program is an on-going relationship between county parks and individuals or volunteers from organizations, schools, youth groups, and businesses.

Ranger Hunter explained that the several tons of debris pulled from Utah Lake during the club's spring service project is considered "green waste" and will be chipped into mulch by Provo City's Public Works Department for use around the city.

Working from to , club members performed a total of 96 people hours cleaning up the marina.  "The Adopt-A-Park service project was a great success," said Scot Chipman, club president.  "It will benefit all users of Utah Lake, including the 60 Utah Water Ski Club members."
Luckily no one squished a toe or got blisters on their hands, so after a few slices of pizza and re-hydrating with sodas, club members hit the lake and went skiing!
The next Utah Water Ski Club service project is scheduled for early September.  Check this web page in the next few months for the actual date and thanks for everyone's help!

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