Thursday, April 16, 2009

Board Meeting minutes

Board Meeting NotesApril 16, 2009
- Who did not renew this year?
Raymond Gunn, Jamie Hadfield, Matt Warren, and Andrea Webber.

- How many new members are we letting in this year?
- How many current people on the wait list?
- Refine how the wait list bidding process works?
All people on the wait list will be notified by e-mail of open positions for bid and when the bidding ends. The highest bids will be e-mailed out to the wait list the day before the bidding ends. Highest bid wins based on how much aperson bids per spot they move up, not on total dollar amount.
- The #13 and #6 spots are open for bid this year.
- Make new sign for course #3.
Tim will do.
- New bimini for course #3?
- Stain dock #1 and #3 this spring?
Yes. Tim, Mark, Keith, and Scot will do.
- Inventory equipment.
Need to buy more magnets and blue bungee cord.- Install wakeless buoys.
- Should the club pay Keith $100 to remove Phragmites from around course #1 with his machine?
- Need to raise course #3 up and add the extensions.
-What is the current balance?
Web Site/News
- Should we have the annual service projects the 3rd Saturday in May and September every year?
- Web page updates/additions?
Add board meeting minutes to the news page, add next board meeting date to board page (August 13), service projects will now be the third Saturday in May and September, on the service project page change to now required that members attend at least one Adopt-a-Park service project every year or go down to the Utha Lake Marina on their own, sign in under the Utah Water Ski Club and perfom two hours of service project work.- What can we do to get more members involved in the club? Have cheaper slalom clinics possibly by Mike Parsons and/or Keith Morgan.
- Should we change that it is now required for members to attend at least one service project every year, not every two years?
Yes. If members can not attend a scheduled club service project, they can go to the State Park on their own time and do two hours of service work. Need to set up a sign in sheet with the State Park for members that choose this option.
- Set next board meeting date in August.
13th, at Utah Lake or possibly Last Chance Lakes.