Thursday, August 21, 2008

Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Notes
August 21, 2008

- Should we raise dues for 2009?
No. The club has more money than we can spend in the long run, Scot will make up any shortfall if needed.
- Should we buy general liability and participant accident coverage? See link.
- Make frame for sunshade on course #3.
Tim Peterson and Mark Chilcutt are working on it.
- Should we replace the burnt boards on dock #3.
Yes, Tim has the boards and Chip can help replace.
- Stain dock #1?
Keith Morgan, Roquesanne Fillerup, and Hank Cobb said they could do the work.
- Mike Zufelt has bought into Last Chance Lakes. Does he still want the job?
Yes for the rest of the year then he is out.
Web Site/News
- Web page updates.
Add board meeting minutes to the news page, add next board meeting date to board page.

- Plan semi-annual service project/activity on September 13th.
Chip will organize.
- Set next board meeting date in October.
October 23rd or 30th.