Monday, April 16, 2007

Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting NotesApril 16, 2007
-How many new members this year?
5 New member orientation? Yes (Equipment will do).
-Insurance for the club?
Yes and require boat owners to have proof of insurance. What additional coverage do we need? Liability club insurance (Scot).
-Should we change the wait list policy on trading or keep it the same?
-Things needed for New dock.
15' x 12' Sunshade, 42.25" x 24.75" sign, carpet or stain.
-Old dock repairs.
Bolt two sections back together, fix bumpers, new floatation, new carpet.
-Should the club pay to have the reeds in course #1 cut?
Yes by Challenger Ski School ($240 max).
-Information buoys need to be made and placed on both courses.
One this year.
-Current balance.
Around $6,500.
Web Site/News
-Plan adopt-a-park clean up day on May 19th or 26th, work with George at State Park.
19th (Chip).
-Web page updates:
Add board meeting minutes to the News/Minutes tab, move old board meeting minutes to archive, add next board meeting date to board page, add adopt a park day, add new member/wait list, update Utah lake level, change Challenger discount to 25%, add Tim Peterson to board page, add new wait list rules to guest page, add pictures of members.

-How should article 1 in the by-laws read?
Same by-laws but will refine club rules. What type if any clinics are allowed on the club courses? Case by case with focus on slalom.
-Set next board meeting date in August.