Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting
October 18, 2005

- Wait list status. 7 new members were added to the wait list this year.
- Member list status, Corey Laing still owes the club $150. Corey said he would pay remaining $150 by October 31st.
- Minimum of three new members each year? Approved
- New dock discussion. Approved new dock for 2006 with southern yellow pine decking. Cost is close to 14k.
- Current dock repairs needed for 2006. Bumpers, floatation,
- Course #1 set-up. Scheduled for March of 2006.
- Should we give away timers to club members? Yes.
- Balance. $13,503.
Web Site/News
- Update wait list and past lake levels. Mont will do ASAP.
- Add board meeting minutes to the News/Minutes tab. Mont will do ASAP.
- Add next board meeting date to board member page. Mont will do ASAP.
- Adopt-a-park clean-up Saturday the 22nd. Approved.
- Who wants to be on the board in 2006? Mont would step down if someone is willing to do his job.
- Set next board meeting date in January. Tuesday January 10th.