Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Board Meeting

- What color membership cards? Yellow.
- Order membership cards from AlphaGraphics. Scot will order.
- Order club stickers from Signtech. Scot will order.

Government Affairs:
- Firm up with the Division of Water Quality about a 10-15 minute presentation at the annual meeting. Hank will do.
- Work with State Parks on Permission to Place Device on Utah Boating Waters for 2018. Hank will work on.
- Volunteer for the Division of Water Quality steering committee that meets once a month. Garrett will do.
- Pay Special Use Lease Agreement (SULA) with Forestry, Fire, and State Lands. Yearly renewal fee is $450 a year, SULA good through 2026. Scot will do.

- Fix sunshade for course #3. Garn will work on.
- Cut phragmities out of course #1. Scot will talk to the state.

- Balance as of December 31st. $15,460.61

Web Site/News:
- Verify 2018 club discounts will retailers. Paul will work on.
- Email club the annual meeting notice and invite wait list members. Scot will do.
- Annual meeting will be held at 6pm on February 8th at the Mountain America Expo Center.
- Order annual meeting food. Scot will do.
- Arrange a room for the annual meeting. Scot will do.
- Contact Radar about presentation. Scot will do.
- Print handouts for annual meeting. Scot will do.

- Set next board meeting in April. April 10th.

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